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Adiantum species botanical art copyright vorobik

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Maidenhair Fern Triad Painting

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Family: Pteridaceae

Original: 22 by 28 inches, $1800, framed SOLD. Thank you patron.

Prints--200 edition, Giclee, Arches Watercolor paper, deckled edges, 16 by 20 inches

Cards--5 by 7 inches


Maidenhair Triad (Adiantum jordanii, A. aleuticum, A. capillus-veneris)

Family: Pteridaceae

Three west coast native species of maidenhair ferns: Jordan's Maidenhair (A. jordanii), the delightful Five-Finger Fern (Adiantum aleuticum, also known as A. pedatum) and the graceful Southern Maidenhair Fern (A. capillus-veneris). In the field, sterile hybrids can be found between A. aleuticum and A. jordanii, and have been called A. tracyi. Many species of Adiantum can be found in cultivation, and they each make a lovely addition to moist shade gardens throughout the west. The fronds are deciduous in the winter, but are delicately green and lovely throughout the growing season.