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Scarlet Gilia

Ipomopsis aggregata-click on image for detail view

Family: Polemoniaceae

Original: Private Collection

Cards: Announcement sized (3.5 by 4.875 inches), on watercolor paper with a deckled edge


Scarlet Gilia (Ipomopsis aggregata)

Polemoniaceae ~ Phlox Family

Also known as Gilia aggregata, this biennial species with its long tubular flowers is of the perfect design, in both color and form, for hummingbird pollination. Flowers are about an inch and one half long, and although they look pure orange-red to red, they surprisingly have a fine mottling of red specks that can be seen upon close examination. Scarlet Gilia is a mountain plant of the west, ranging from drier sites of lower elevations on the east side of ranges to dry meadows of the alpine. This species can be grown from seed, and plants form a lacy rosette the first year, followed by flowering stems to two feet tall the second year.