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Vorobik Botanical Art

P.O. Box 866, Lopez Island, WA 98261. 510-520-2423. vorobik@gmail.com

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Linda's botanical art can be seen at Chimera Gallery on Lopez Island. Her paintings, prints and notecards can also be viewed and purchased directly from her at other events, or at retail outlets.

Listed below are Linda's sets of Notecards. To see what is in each set, click on the image for that set. Also available: gift card packs, each with 6 different cards (approximately 2 by 3 inches).

1. Art Processes (A7 Cards, 6 per set, $18)

notecard set: art processes

2. Spring Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest (A7 Cards, 6 per set, $18)

Spring Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

3. Linda's Favorites (A7 Cards, 6 per set, $18)

Linda's Favorites

4. Cultivated Orchids: Oncidiinae (A7 Cards, 6 per set, $18)

Cultivated Orchids: Oncidiinae

5. Four West Coast Ferns (A7 Cards, 8 per set, $18)

Four West Coast Ferns

6. Ferns and Flowers (A7 Cards, 8 per set, $18)

The four ferns pictured above, and the four flowers pictured below:

card pack ferns and flowers

7. Announcement-sized card pack (Announcement-sized Cards, 5per set, $8)

Announcement size card pack

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