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Western Bleeding Heart

Western Bleeding Heart, Dicentra formosa--click on image for detail view

Family: Papaveraceae (Fumariaceae)


Prints--Giclee, Edition 200, 13 by 22 inches

Cards--5 by 7 inches


Western Bleeding Heart (Dicentra formosa)

Papaveraceae (Fumariaceae) ~ Poppy Family (Fumatory Family)

Bleeding Hearts are one of the most delightful plants to find in the field, with their fernlike leaves and showy clusters of pink, heart-shaped flowers. Sometimes they cover whole hillsides in moist, wooded forests. In the Siskiyous of southwestern Oregon one can find the less common form with cream-colored flowers, once refered to as Dicentra oregana. These plants also have foliage with a bluish bloom. Bleeding Hearts are easy to grow in areas with mild winters, and are represented by several cultivars. The plants are perennial, but the foliage dies back in the winter.