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Dicentra spectabilis Detail

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Garden Bleeding Heart, Detail View

Garden Bleeding Heart--click on image for whole view

Family: Papaveraceae (Fumariaceae)



Cards--5 by 7 inches


Garden Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis)

Papaveraceae (Fumariaceae) ~ Poppy Family (Fumatory Family)

Although this plant is sometimes called "Common" Bleeding Heart, I prefer to call it the Garden Bleeding Heart, as the bright pink flowers seem far from common to my mind. A native to Japan, this species has been in cultivation in North America for many years. Cultivars of this plant can be found with either bright pink or white flowers; the flowers are larger than any of the wild species, but have that same wonderful heart shape, with two sepals, and four petals. Two of the petals are large and pouched, forming the halves of the heart. The other two are almost linear in shape, and embrace the stamens and pistil. Like the native bleeding hearts, plants are perennials that show foliage and flowers in the spring, but die back over the winter.