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Lilium washingtonianum watercolor by Vorobik

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Washington Lily, Shasta Lily

Lilium washingtonianum-click on image for detail view

Family: Liliaceae

Original: Private Collection

Cards ~ 5 by 7 inches or invitation sized, on watercolor paper with a deckled edge


Washington Lily or Shasta Lily (Lilium washingtonianum)

Liliaceae ~ Lily Family

This west coast native has some of the largest flowers of all our native lilies; it is really quite spectacular. Two subspecies are recognized: subsp. washingtonianum and subsp. purpurascens, which as you might guess, has purple tinges in the flowers with aging. The species occurs in the Cascades, Sierra Nevada, and Klamath/Siskiyou ranges. Native lilies should never be collected from the wild; in fact many bulb plants are now rare, threatened, or endangered due to over zealous horticulturalists. Fortunately for the gardener who loves native lilies, most are in cultivation and available for purchase.