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Detail of white orchid flower in pen and ink with watercolor

click for whole view

Bllra Tahoma Glacier 'Sugar Sweet', Pen and Ink with Watercolor, Detail View

Oncidiinae Cultivar-click for whole view

Family: Orchidaceae

This is a closeup of the image that appears on the back of the Bllra. Tahoma Glacier 'Sugar Sweet' notecard "Evolution of a Painting", along with a Pen/Ink and Watercolor image. To purchase "Evolotion of a Painting" cards:


Oncidiinae: Evolution of a Painting--Pen and Ink with Watercolor Version
Orchidaceae ~ Orchid Family
We often see a final painting but don't have a visualization of the process. In painting flowers, the first step is possibly the best: looking, and appreciating what nature has offered, examining the parts, feeling soft petals, smelling the gentle sweet fragrance. Presented here are three studies. On the face of this notecard is the value study of the flower of Bllra. Tahoma Glacier 'Sugar Sweet', a cultivated intergeneric hybrid from species belonging to the Oncidiinae subtribe of the Orchid Family. Click to see images of the same flower drawn with pen and ink and then watercolored, and watercolored with a green background. See also the image with the blue background, reproduced on another notecard.

Notecards of "Evolution of a Painting" have the Value Study on the front of the card, and two images on the back of the flower.

Visit the website for Pacific Orchid Farms (www.PacificOrchidFarms.com) to obtain the real flowers, and paint your own, or come along on Vorobik's Hawaii Orchid Painting retreat.